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Frequently Asked Questions about Applying for a Job with Kimberly-Clark, South Africa

Q:How do I find and apply for a job with Kimberly-Clark?

You can link to our career search. The first time you apply, you will be prompted to create a candidate profile, which will include prompts to upload your resume (Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format) or type in your relevant skills and experience. If you apply for a specific job, you also may be asked to complete an online questionnaire/assessment.


Note: Only applications submitted through Kimberly-Clark’s online system will be considered.

Q:Do I have to resubmit a profile every time I apply for a job?

No – you do not have to upload a new profile every time you apply for a job at Kimberly-Clark, although we encourage candidates to update their profiles as they gain new skills and experiences. Profiles remain in our system for at least two years, making it easy to apply for multiple positions as they become available. Simply click “login here” in the career search engine and enter the username and password you selected when you created your profile. When you find an open position that interests you, click “Apply for this job” under that position.

Q:What happens to my profile and resume once it’s in the Kimberly-Clark system?

If you have applied for a specific job, a Kimberly-Clark recruiter will review your resume and completed questionnaire/assessment (if applicable). If you are considered highly qualified for the job, you may be invited to participate in a telephone interview.

Q:When should I expect to hear from Kimberly-Clark?

You should receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as you submit your profile. We make every effort to review all profiles. The resume review process can take several weeks or months depending on the number of candidates who apply; if you do not hear from a recruiter immediately, you may still be under consideration for a position. Profiles typically remain active in our system for at least two years, however, and your resume can be reviewed by one or more of our recruiters as long as it remains in the system and you apply for an open job. Whenever a recruiter reviews your resume, you will be notified by e-mail, a status update posted to your profile, or a phone call.

Q:How do I refer a job opportunity to a friend?

Click the “Send job to a friend” link, located below each job description. You then will be prompted to enter your friend’s name and e-mail address. When you click “Send,” your friend will receive a message containing relevant details about the position.

Q:How do I update my profile to show updated or additional information?

Log into your profile at anytime by clicking “login here” in the career search engine and entering the username and password you selected when you created your profile. From there, you may select and edit any field in your profile.

Q:My password is not working or I forgot my password. What should I do?

Go to the career search engine and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link at the log in prompt.

Q:Are there tools that can help identify Kimberly-Clark jobs that are appropriate for me?

Yes. When you submit your profile, you also will have the opportunity to create an electronic “Search Agent,” which will let you define the types of jobs you are a looking for. When a position becomes available that meets your criteria, the Search Agent will send you an e-mail, including details about the position and a link to help you apply directly for the opportunity, if you choose.


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