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The Value of Diversity

We value Diversity : As a global company, our people come from increasingly diverse backgrounds and perspectives - which helps us cultivate fresh thinking and refine our understanding of the different consumers who use our products. This diversity of talent brings bold, unexpected thinking. Better insights. Better debate. And better solutions. For us diversity is broader than South Africa's Employment Equity requirements, we strive to ensure that our people are a true reflection of our consumers.

We drive Our Winning Culture  through our values and behaviors which puts strong focus on continuous improvement, Customer focus, Making decisions, Building your own and others talent as well as building trust relationships.

This culture encourage that individual employees goals are aligned to our organisations goals, such that they are able to understand the impact of their individual role in the company results.

We strive to create an environment where employees feel trusted & treated with respect, in return you are also expected to treat others with the same respect that you expect from others. Our culture of accountability encourages individuals to be accountable for their own actions. Individuals employees are empowered to make decisions in the same breath allowed to make mistakes & learn from them.

As a Performance Driven Organization, your success is dependent on your performance and contribution towards the success of this organisation therefore promotions and increased pay are the result of excellent performance, business results and leadership qualities - not length of time in a position.

Recognition and feedback are an integral part of how we do things by providing and requesting feedback we assured of striving for continuous improvement.


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