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Grow Your Career at Kimberly-Clark

At Kimberly-Clark, we know the best way to grow our business is to help our employees develop their careers.

It starts with teaching new employees about our company and our brands and helping them become familiar with networks and resources that can assist their career. Then we coach new team members on the way we do things - including our People Philosophy, culture, values and commitment to diversity.

From there, the doors are wide open for you to grow your career through education, experience and exposure.


Education opportunities abound for Kimberly-Clark employees. There are online and classroom opportunities to develop new skills and build existing abilities. From learning a new language to mastering executive presence to developing your leadership capabilities, you have the power to shape your personal and professional goals at Kimberly-Clark.

As a Kimberly-Clark employee, you also benefit from Exposure through networking groups, volunteer opportunities, and mentoring programs. This helps you learn more about our global organization, build new skills and develop your career.

Experience is one of the best teachers anyone can have. And on the job at Kimberly-Clark, you'll get lots of that. In addition, our employees often gain valuable experience through special assignments, job rotations and other projects.

If you're the kind of person with big dreams and goals, and the drive to Unleash Your Power to make them happen, Kimberly-Clark could be just the place to grow your career. Apply to Kimberly-Clark now.



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