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Good Neighbors Around the World

Across the 61 countries we call home, our company and our employees contribute time, money and products to improve the lives of families - providing disaster relief, protecting the environment, and supporting educational opportunities for the next generation.

Through programs that leverage the power of our brands to partnerships with nonprofit organizations and local communities, Kimberly-Clark aims to help build a better future for families throughout the world. Our global reach gives us tremendous opportunity to improve lives and communities, and we use that power to support causes that consumers care about, such as the following examples:

  • We responded swiftly to major earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Employees in Chile contributed volunteer hours to local relief efforts. Employees in the Dominican Republic mobilized donations of healthcare products, diapers, feminine care and tissue products for Haiti. And employees worldwide contributed approximately $216,000 to American Red Cross relief efforts, which Kimberly-Clark matched dollar-for-dollar. In addition, Kimberly-Clark Latin America contributed $100,000 to Un Techo para Chile (A Roof for Chile) to rebuild homes. And, through our non-profit partner, MedShare International, we contributed much-needed medical supplies to both countries.
  • In China, Kimberly-Clark worked with the All-China Women's Federation to establish the Touch of White Angel campaign. The effort provides tangible support and caring for female healthcare professionals working in cities and rural areas of the country. In the program, healthcare workers, who are often bombarded with high risks and intense pressure, will receive training, educational materials and caring resources to help them develop better coping skills. The program - which got underway in 2011 in 10 locations - will ultimately reach five million female healthcare workers in China.
  • Thousands of people in economically developing countries suffer from a lack of healthcare. At the same time, hospitals in the United States discard unused medical supplies. Through a partnership with MedShare International, Kimberly-Clark helps move these unused supplies to underserved health facilities around the world. Since our original grant to help launch MedShare in 1998, we have funded the shipment of $18.5 million worth of supplies to 13 countries in Latin America while our employees have worked thousands of volunteer hours to help pack the shipping containers with life-saving equipment.

In 2010, Kimberly-Clark joined the United Nations Global Compact. As a signatory, we support the Global Compact's 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, reinforcing our commitment to responsible business practices on a global basis. Choosing to be a responsible corporate citizen is always the right decision. Whether providing diapers to moms and babies in need in America or helping families around the globe, we are dedicated to providing a better life for everyone.


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