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Compensation and Benefits in South Africa

Kimberly-Clark's compensation program is highly competitive and progressive. Our market based compensation system - that aligns compensation to the market, functional area and skill level - helps us attract and retain great people. And, we celebrate contributions and reward results that make a difference.

We have a comprehensive benefits program that is comparable to major employers, with a full array of retirement, health care, education and disability benefits.

We believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance and support our employees' total well-being with a Wellness Programme that includes facility-based health and wellness programs, Employess Assistance, and screenings.

Employees enjoy a variety of choices and the flexibility to meet changing needs during different times in their lives. 

"The variety and competitiveness of Kimberly-Clark's benefits package are excellent, which contributed significantly to my decision to join the company."
- Larry Maher, Director Strategy, Global Nonwovens

"When I first applied for a position at Kimberly-Clark, I found the quality and flexibility of the benefits package to be very competitive - in most cases, better than what other companies offered."
- Edward Linsmeyer, Pilot Facility Leader

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Note: From time to time, Kimberly-Clark may review the benefits and compensation that it offers, and the compensation and benefits may be changed or eliminated at the discretion of the company.


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